5 Reasons EMV Chips Improve Transactions

“EMV” stands for “Europay, MasterCard, and Visa,” the three major credit-card companies that developed the technology used on the microchips embedded in modern credit and debit cards. These chips are quickly taking over from where the common but old-fashioned magnetic strips left off, and the strips themselves took over from systems like raised numbers and […]

How Credit Card Processing Works: 6 Simple Steps

Credit card transactions happen millions of times every day and processing occurs so instantaneously that most people have little understanding of what happens when they swipe their card or the card of their customers. If you’re a small business owner, having a basic understanding of the credit card processing process can help you deal with […]

Clover™ Mobile

What is Clover™ Mobile? Clover™ Mobile is a high-powered portable business system that goes wherever you go, and works just as hard. Whether you’re taking payments tableside, busting register lines, or just generally on the go, Clover™ Mobile helps you keep things rolling. This powerful handheld device lets you do what you need to, when you need to. Everything You Need to […]

Clover™ Mini

  What Is Clover™ Mini? It’s the sleekest, most flexible payment terminal around. When you’re tight on space or time, Clover™ Mini saves the day. Give customers the convenience of paying with multiple payment types, protect their sensitive information – as well as your own – and have the flexibility you’ve always wanted, without the hassle of a big business system.   Clover™ […]

Clover™ Point Of Sale System

What is Clover™? Clover™ is an all-in-one smart POS for small to medium sized businesses. It includes the Clover™ Station hardware and customized software. Clover™ comes loaded with access to the Clover™ App Market, web dashboard, and dedicated Clover™ customer Support. Clover™ Station Hardware includes a high definition touchscreen display, integrated MSR, quick focus camera, […]

What Is EMV?

Introducing EMV at the Point Of Sale. EMV is a fraud reduction technology that can help protect merchants against losses from accepting counterfeit and lost or stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale. EMV cards contain embedded microprocessors or chips that interact with the point-of-sale device to ensure the validity of a payment card and the […]

Merchant Account Rates

3¢ Transactions Rates As Low as 0.25% No Batch Fees Free 24 Hour Online Access To View Your Account When selecting a payment processing service, it is important to review the different merchant account rates available from the various merchant account providers available. Many financial institutions, large and small, offer merchant account services, but Global […]

Payment Gateway

Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services in Las Vegas understands the high demand of payment solutions on online retailers and recognizes the importance of a payment gateway to all online businesses. When selling products and services online, it is important to stay up to date with the latest payment processing solutions available, to enable you to […]

Merchant Services

Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services in Las Vegas offers premiere merchant services not only in the Las Vegas area, but nationwide. We offer a large variety of payment processing services at the lowest rates available today. Some of these services include credit card processing, debit card processing, electronic check processing, payment terminals, as well as […]

Accept Credit Cards Online

At Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services in Las Vegas, we understand the importance of accepting credit cards online. It should come at no surprise that credit cards have become the most popular type of payment method used for internet transactions today, and the ability to process and accept these types of transactions has become a […]


Merchant Payment Solutions Processing transactions reliably and securely is essential to your business. Authorize.Net, the leading Internet Protocol (IP) based payment gateway, provides solutions you can trust. More than 136,000 merchants depend on us to process their transactions, assist in the prevention of fraud, and help their business grow. We offer a wide range of […]

Loyalty Card Program

What Is A Loyalty Or Reward Card? Loyalty and rewards programs supply customers with cards used to accumulate dollars, reward points, or a percentage back in a merchant’s store or business. Merchants are able to predetermine the levels of rewards or points that will drive business, build a strong rapport with new customers, and keep […]

Gift Card Program

What is a Gift Card? Gift cards are reusable, stored-value cards that provide merchants an electronic alternative to paper gift certificates. Our high quality gift cards generate sales at the time of purchase and when redeemed. Since most consumers spend more than the amount on the card, merchants enjoy the additional profit. Use gift cards to […]