Cash Advances

Cash AdvanceWhat is a Retail Business Cash Advance?

Now there is an alternative way to obtain working capital – READY CASH – for important business needs.Cash advances are based on your future credit card receivables, so qualifying is much simpler than a traditional loan!

Qualifying is Simple

Unlike a traditional business loan, the minimum criteria to meet our program guidelines really are simple. Just an application and some basic documents and you’ll be on your way to cash in as little as two weeks!

How would you use the money?

  • Purchase new or additional equipment
  • Conduct renovations or open additional locations
  • Expand marketing plans to increase revenue share
  • Take advantage of seasonal, value-priced inventory purchases
  • Purchase liquidated, discounted operating supplies
  • Educational and/or training opportunities
  • Conduct a series of special events
  • Install security and safety measures
  • Handle Emergencies
  • Any needs you have – you decide!

Retail Cash AdvanceWhat are some of the other benefits of this program?

  • Automated collection – No need to remember due dates or write checks – payments are made automatically!
  • No personal collateral – Qualification based primarily upon your credit card processing totals.
  • Simple application process – Provide basic business documents and get your approval fast!
  • Payments flex with your daily sales – We collect a fixed percentage of your daily credit card sales – pay it as you earn it!

Why wait? Get from $10,000 to $500,000 in cash for your business needs now!

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