Clover Point Of Sale System

What is Clover®?

Clove is an all-in-one smart POS for small to medium sized businesses.Wine-Merchant It includes the Clover® Station hardware and customized software. Clover® comes loaded with access to the Clover® App Market, web dashboard, and dedicated Clover® customer Support.

Clover® Station Hardware includes a high definition touchscreen display, integrated MSR, quick focus camera, swivel arm, base plate, thermal receipt printer, optional cash drawer, and all cords and cables.

Clover® App Market refers to the application marketplace, accessible on the Clover® Station or via the web dashboard.

The Clover® Solution delivers a cloud-based payment system that will be the centerpiece of small and mid-sized businesses. It is reliable, user-friendly, and innovative – built to meet the complete spectrum of payment and business management needs. The Clover® Solution will deliver freedom and control to small business owners, so they can focus on their passion.


maxresdefault (1)Clover® Hardware

Clover® station hardware was designed by a team that included engineers from Tesla Motors and Apple. Its sleek white glass and brushed aluminum design will show your customers that you are at the cutting edge of technology.

The high resolution touchscreen attaches to the base plate on a patent-pending swivel arm. This allows your customers a Portrait View with an enhance ability for “sign on screen” and Email/SMS receipt opt-in functionality.



The touchscreen includes:

  • An Audio Jack for Talk-To-Text / ADA Compliance
  • Embedded High Resolution Camera that can be used for Barcode or QR Code Scanning
  • Four USB Ports for connecting peripherals
  • Ethernet, Wireless, and Bluetooth connectivity options

Designed to be an integral part of the merchant/consumer interaction, Clover® Station sets up in under 15 minutes. Cord clutter is reduced with a single power source for the display and printer.


Clover® Cloud-Based Software

A simple definition: Cloud = Internet. What cloud based software means for Clover® Meet-Perka2merchants is universal access anytime, from anywhere, on any internet-enabled device. You can remotely check reports, activity, add/remove employees, make menu/inventory changes, and much more. You can start an order on one Clover® Station and finish on a different one.

No sensitive or secure data is stored in the hardware, and with continuous syncing with the Cloud, there is no risk of data loss in the event of a catastrophe.

Clover® Solution Offline Mode

Clover® merchants can continue accepting transactions when there is no access to the internet. When the device becomes disconnected, Clover® will notify the merchant with an OFFLINE message in red. Card transactions that are run while offline will be stored in a queue and processed when the Clover® Station has an internet connection and can sync with the Cloud.


app1Clover® App Market

The Clover® App Market allows for the ultimate in customization. The App Market can be accessed on the Clover® Station or via the web,

Clover® is an open Android platform with access to a large development community worldwide.

The App Market presents limitless opportunities for partners and 3rd parties to create apps that enrich the customer/merchant experience.

There are three types of Clover® Apps:


Clover® Core Apps

Clover® Core Apps are the foundation of the Clover® Solution. Core Apps download automatically upon Station activation and cannot be removed.

Core Apps


Clover® Optional Apps

Clover® Optional Apps are installed based on your preference and/or industry. Your Clover® Station will arrive with your Optional Apps installed.

Clover Optional Apps J2


Clover® 3rd Party Apps

There are a multitude of Clover® 3rd Party Apps to choose from. An end-to-end vetting of all applications takes place before they are published in the Clover® App Market. All Clover® 3rd Party apps have been tested and certified.

app3app2Contact us at (702) 248-8900 for more information or to order your Clover® Solution.