Merchant Account Rates

  • 3¢ Transactions

  • Rates As Low as 0.25%

  • No Batch Fees

  • Free 24 Hour Online Access To View Your Account

When selecting a payment processing service, it is important to review the different merchant account rates available from the various merchant account providers available. Many financial institutions, large and small, offer merchant account services, but Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services offers payment processing solutions at the lowest available merchant account rates in Las Vegas, as well as the rest of the country.

No Contracts, No Termination Fees

Many other merchant account services require contracts to lock you into their services before offering you an acceptable rate. This is for the most part to guarantee you stay with them, regardless of the level of service they provide, with the threat of a large termination fee if you decide to change providers before your contract terms have been met. At Global  1 Wholesale Merchant Services in Las Vegas, we believe that freedom is the key to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. This is why we offer our unbeatable rates, with no termination fees, and no setup fees. We are confident that our high level of customer service and the quality of the services that we provide will keep our customers happy and allow us to continue to offer them the best services available.


Low Merchant Account Rates With No Hidden Fees

Many other businesses also offer low rates to their customers, but recoup costs with hidden fees. After the batch fees, setup fees, equipment fees, high monthly fees and other hidden fees, what you are paying overall is far beyond what you would have assumed simply by the merchant account rates you were advertised. What makes things worse is that many customers really have no idea how much more they are paying for merchant services until they begin receiving their statements. This can be most disconcerting as the damage has already been done and in most cases, the customer has nothing they can do without spending hours on the phone, or paying high cancellation fees. At Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services in Las Vegas, we are up front with our merchant account rates and any other fees you may be subject to. At Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services we are interested in saving you money and helping you succeed without deception.

If you are considering a merchant account in Las Vegas, or anywhere in the United States, would like to change merchant account services, or just have questions, please feel free to call Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services at (702) 248-7115.